Monday, August 13, 2012

Time savers & frugal tips: Baking & Cooking ahead

In an effort to make mealtimes easier & cut down on the cost of convenience foods, I try to have a cooking/baking day occasionally.  Mondays is my assigned day.  I feel that by assigning myself a specific day to do it, I am more likely to actually do it.  Some ladies do once-a-month cooking, and I think that is great.  However for me, just having a baking/cooking day allows me to not feel so overwhelmed.  I try to do it every two weeks.

My cooking & baking day usually consists of making some breakfast foods for the freezer, cooking a few pounds of hamburger meat, and cooking a whole chicken and freezing it into meal-sized portions.  Sometimes I fix a large pot of beef stew or something similar and freeze into portions so that we can have some easy & healthy lunches. 

Here are a few ideas for breakfast.  Click highlighted words for a link to the recipes: